About Us


My name is Jamila Guess and I'm the owner of Tasty Smile Coffee.  I created this company in 2021 because of my great love for coffee. I love everything about coffee from the smell of fresh roasting beans, the pretty browns or bold blackness color, the great taste and the way you feel after that 1st sip in the morning. For many of us coffee lovers our days don't truly begin until after we embrace that mug, filled with pure magic. The drink that gives you hope, courage and whatever other super powers you need.

It’s also memories that were are created over cups of coffee. For me it's sitting at the kitchen table with my granny while she was watching The Young and the Restless( Victor Newman) he had breakfast with me daily lol. Memories like those are the reason I love coffee and want to help other people create special memories also.

And because of that I decided to create Tasty Smile Coffee. I wanted to create a company that offered great coffee with rich flavors and all the convenience of coming to your door step. Everyone loves great coffee but let’s be honest we’re not always a fan of waiting in line for it or even worse going to buy it and it's out of stock.

So Tasty Smile Coffee will offer you great coffee while you create memories of your own with a smile.